How to fight depression?

January 08, 2016

Last year headlines especially celebrities who committed suicide are heartbreaking especially to the families of these people. With the status of our economy which is still bad despite figures/stats that government agencies are telling us, it affects one's way of thinking. If you lost your job or if you're a celebrity, you're no longer getting projects or contracts, this situation triggers negative thinking. The feeling of not having anything that you used to have, self-pity because you're no longer in demand and doesn't know where to go next are some of the fears which lead to depression. Having fear and being depress are normal from time to time because of the uncertainties of things around us but if it led to not functioning properly in life and causing unhealthy state of mind, they become serious problems. I'm not an expert on fighting depression but what works for me to combat it is thinking of my son's needs more than I do. It's like when I'm feeling blue and somehow wants to give up, I tried to divert my attention to my son and tell myself  'will having negative thoughts and losing hope could help my son?' It's like sometimes I feel bad for not giving my son this and that (tangible and intangible) but thinking the other way around such as my son deserves a strong mom, that kept me to combat fears and depression. I tried to write my feelings via this blog and to my journal because it helps to unload sentiments. Being depress are oftentimes caused by too much stress which is usually unavoidable, but I try to relax by taking a nap over doing some chores or sometimes watch feel good movies. The other way to combat depression is by having proper diet and enough sleep. Lastly, is to have a network / avenues of people where you can hang out from time to time to share your feelings and later realized that you're not alone and a lot of people feel the same way. Of course the most important way to fight depression is your relationship to GOD. Let him maneuver your life and I can tell you that no doubt He's so merciful and kind and always there for us. He makes things possible in his time.

God is good all the time

May 20, 2014

I thought of writing this post because something happened to me today. I was relieved from a severe muscle pain in my left leg & head ache. I asked GOD to touch and heal me to lessen the stress that I'm having caused by this flu. Then when I opened my Facebook account, I read one post stating that his father is already out of ER and finally ok. GOD never fails us, you will just think that he is failing you because it takes so long sometimes seems forever, but remember that things happen in God's time so we just need to be patient. Everyone needs to experience pain, because through this men are equal. God is so merciful and kind. When I got here & so far away from my parents, friends & relatives, there's no one that you could immediately call for help than GOD. I always turn to him before I reached the phone to talk to my husband or friend if there's something that bothers me. You could never be wrong if you surrender everything to GOD and let him maneuvers your life. Sounds preaching? This is based on my actual experiences. Don't ever hesitate to talk to him through prayer & always remember that prayer is not a spare tire you pull out when you feel your life has gone flat. It should be the steering wheel that will help you direct your life on the right path. May GOD bless us all!

Sad news

February 08, 2014

Today is the birthday of my ex-coworker who's spending his special day with our dearest GOD. When I opened my facebook, I saw his wife's birthday greetings to him and it  made me cry because it's kinda early for him to go and leave his wife and only daughter but as what most people say that we can't understand what's God's reason for now but in the future he will let us accept the truth. Then, another sad news is knowing the death of my high school classmate and I can't believe it because when you look at her, she's really healthy and loves to exercise shown by her slim figure. Life is really short and we don't know when our time is coming so we should make the most of each day. There's one thing that I'm happy doing each day of my life and that's saying I love you to my son and hubby countless times in a day. I even created a routine for the three of us, the hug time and I love you time. Whenever I say it's hug time, my son will run to me and give me a hug then go to his dad and do the same. Some may say that's meaningless because it's just a routine, for me it's real and it comes from my heart. I always tell my son that he should always remember that his mommy loves him very much. Life is too short!

On Hiatus!

February 05, 2014

It's been almost a year since my last post and I almost forgot to renew this domain, thankfully I got it back. Some might remember that I started this blog entitled "stay at home mom" that's why my site's name is thesahmy short for the stay at home mom. It was a wonderful journey, from being a first mom, stay at home then got back to school and now working part time in the field of pharmacy. So, I changed the site's name into "transition of a stay at home mom". It's hard to juggle being a mom and at the same time working. I was just fortunate to have a working schedule that suits my needs. I'm so thankful to GOD for blessing me time, strength and perseverance to finish school and able to land a job with the biggest retail pharmacy. I can't ask for more! It was planned for me, it's just few minutes drive from my house to my workplace then to daycare. I learned a lot of things, I gained confidence, I met new friends and able to help hubby financially. This is what I like doing, working! I don't want to be stagnant, I want to be challenged, compete and test myself if I can do and excel on other areas. I think I did ok and I'm satisfied. I'm looking forward to a brighter future. Until next time, I promise to update this blog and share all kinds of thoughts that I have whenever I have an extra time

I miss this!

Texting while driving and other distractions

August 01, 2013

We had our dinner in our favorite restaurant and on our way there, hubby noticed the car ahead of us was too slow. He still stayed on that lane despite following a slow moving vehicle. At last, he finally passed the vehicle and we both saw that a teenager male was texting while driving. I understand some couldn't help it or can't get rid of the habit BUT the consequences of that might be TOO severe and difficult to handle. If you're still texting while driving, just pause for a while and think about this, what if a member of your family became a victim of texting while driving accident?. How would you accept it? An irresponsible / stupid act of one harmed someone. It's hard! I am not playing saint here but my hubby and I never texted while driving. Do not do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you. Ok, there's the texting ban, but it didn't make any differences, rather it became worse because the driver/texter places the phone below the steering wheel or dash board or place it on their lap so that they wouldn't be caught. That's too much distraction because they need to look down more. Well, it's not just the texting because whatever gadgets you'll have if you use them unwisely while driving, it's the driver's fault. Talking on the phone, applying make-up, eating, drinking coffee, too loud music and others are distractions in driving. We don't need another law to ban each of this distractions to promote responsible driving. It should come inside the person's heart and mind. Common sense and compassion. Below are photos of distractions in driving. 

Stouffer's Chicken Lasagna

May 29, 2013

I mentioned before that I was having hard time in preparing meal for my picky eater toddler because he doesn't want any veggies anymore. He's so smart that he digs on the meal to get rid of the veggies that I placed underneath the rice or pasta. Last month, we attended a birthday party and there was a Stouffers lasagna with meat sauce, I tried to feed him and fortunately he liked it very much. Since then, I always buy Stouffer's lasagna with meat sauce and I  hide steamed veggies under the lasagna. Usually, I do the scooping so that he wouldn't see the hidden veggies and I just give him the spoon and he eats it with too much gusto. Then, I thought of trying the Stouffer's chicken lasagna which is better because it has tender pieces of white chicken meat, with carrots, basil, cheese, spinach, red peppers, yellow carrots with crispy bread crumbs topping. Every time I do grocery shopping, I buy two large Stouffers lasagnas, meat sauce and chicken intended for my son if he doesn't want to eat our prepared meal for that day. The chicken lasagna tastes good. Have you tried any lasagna products of Stouffer's?


May 25, 2013

It's the second day that my son is suffering from a stye. As what those medical related sites defined stye as a common infection on a child's eyelid. It occurs when an eyelash, and the glands that are found near eyelashes, get infected. These glands produce oil, which along with tears, help lubricate the eye. Warm compresses are the main treatment for a stye. They should be applied to the area of the stye four or five times a day for at least 10 to 15 minutes or as long as your younger child will tolerate the compress. With this treatment, a stye will often drain on its own within a few weeks.
I guess my son got it while playing with our blinds. He got all the dust and rubbed them in his eyes. He loved touching his eyelashes which could also the way it got through his eyes. Whenever he sleeps at night or a nap, the more it get swollen because the flow on the glands goes around the eyes unlike when he's awake and standing, the pressure is more on the eyelids.
As usual, this gives me stress. I don't want my son enduring any kinds of pain from whatever sources. I always pray for his wellness. Anyways, he's currently taking a nap now so I got this time to post. But this neighbor of ours started to turn on his mower which I hope won't wake him up yet 'coz he needs some rest.

Long Distance Relationship works?

May 21, 2013

I know for sure that Love has no boundaries because it comes from GOD and we express and share it with others. I was asked by a facebook buddy if long distance relatioship really works and I replied yes. She's having difficulty in maintaning her relationship with her boyfriend who's been assigned in Middle East. Nothing is easy when it comes to handling / maintaining a relationship much more if it's long distance. It's hard but if the two parties are committed and willing to make sacrifice, deep true love can grow into something great and lasting. Long distance can compelled each party to communicate daily via available medium such email, video chats, phone calls and snail mail. At first, long distance can be treated as hindrance to one's relationship but it can also be a blessing in disguise because you will discover how truly the person means to you when they're not around. Prayers are needed and trust it all up to God, if it's his will, he will grant you the strength and patience to hold on and bear the distance. Others experience in long distance relationship might not be good but it doesn't follow that it doesn't work. It really works and has worked for me and for many others. There is a need for strong faith to GOd, commitment from you and your partner to hurdle the barriers in a long-distance relationship. Of course, love for each other should be strong so that trust and loyalty would be intact. Wherever you are, wherever your partner is, always remember that you're always in someone's heart and mind even it's million miles away.

Visiting a farm

May 19, 2013

This coming Sunday, my son is set to go to my father in law friend's farm. Hubby will drop my son and my inlaws will bring him in the farm. They have lots of horses and for sure my son will have fun riding or just watching them. My mother in law showed me the daughter of their friend who's into equestrian sport. I wonder what kind of pants their wearing because it shouldn't be something smooth that will cause them to fall off. Then I heard my mother in law saying breeches. When I got the chance I googled it from my iPad and found different equestrian breeches. They are tailored in riding horses. I learned something on that day and I hope that my son will be safe and will be having so much fun this weekend.