October 08, 2017

Control and Motivation to lose weight

I hate myself for having no control on what I eat which happened today. We pigged out on chinese food during lunch which we can't seem to get off  once we started eating their greasy, sodium-rich, starchy food. I'm getting wider and heavier each day which made me placed the weighing scale in the kitchen so that I will get conscious and could always check my weight. I'm 30 lbs overweight, having 1 level exercise (1-10 scale) and with my parents around, local food/meals are always available that's why resisting is a very difficult task. I'm not getting any younger, with history of high blood pressure I should be motivated more to be healthy and dead serious in losing weight. I was on diet, have you heard of the OnOff diet?, that's why it's not working. I don't want to be on a situation wherein I need to ask GOD to give me back my life or give me second chance before I make a commitment in living healthy for my family sake. How I wish, there is a store for Motivation, I would buy all their stocks for sure, lol! I browsed the web and found this threadmill which will surely motivate me, lol!

October 07, 2017

Clindamycin Side Effects

Since I started to work in healthcare industry, the more I got exposed to viruses. Beginning of this year I got a sinus infection and was given clindamycin. It's one capsule three times daily. On day 1 after 2 doses at work, I felt joint pain in my knees and the pain spread into my legs. Then when I got home, I suffered from severe heartburn. With all these happening, I thought I'm having signs of stroke, my legs are having joint pains then I'm having trouble breathing (heart burn) so I drove myself to ER around 10 pm. I was attended by the ER Doctor after an hour, telling me that I just have Sciatica and heart burn. I was given prednisone and pepcid. But my heartburn got worse, I can't eat because I'm having pain when I swallow my food. Then I called my primary doctor and she advised me to stop clindamycin. I can't believe that you can have allergic reaction to medication as severe as a I got. It took me one week to get over of the heart burn. Honestly, it was hell, I thought I'm gonna die during that time. I remember asking my mom before whenever her primary doctor changes her medication, now I understand. Some of her medications side effects outweighs the benefits. I'm sharing this because it's real, allergic reaction can be severe.

October 06, 2017

Kindness and Empathy

When you wake up this morning, don't you feel that you're so fortunate? You're alive and able to do things that you like and love, be with people you love most. We thank GOD right? But deep inside us and when we look in the mirror, we see hypocrisy! We love to point fingers, we love to complain, we love to criticize. No kindness and empathy! We always think that we're RIGHT and if others have a different opinion from us, they are the LIARS / FAKE / BAD people.  Being right is not based on race, religion, color, status and political views. HATRED is too much because of social media. It pains me reading news about the LAS VEGAS shooting, with people writing rude and full of hatred comments. The country is mourning, but here are some of the people who feels they are the right ones spreading hatred. If the President of this country always speaks hate and people kept on responding hate, what will happen? You also contribute HATE. It's ONE'S right to say whatever they want to say but ask yourselves why there's too much hatred?  Nowadays, for one news article, lots of people will comment on the issue first, then as the comments progress, different issues and name calling, HATRED! I might sound hypocrite but one thing I learned from all these tragedy, people need to practice kindness and empathy. You, you don't share what's really inside you and what you're going through, because you pretend that you're ok most of the time. Then when people start to say things against what you truly feel, how would you feel? Upset, mad and then hate that person who's been insensitive to your situation and feelings. I just want to say that there's a need for kindness and empathy nowadays.

October 01, 2017

New Look for a New Life

It's been years since I updated this blog, I miss writing and the joy this blog gives me every time I read comments. This is my medium to unload my thoughts and sentiments in a way that I truly want to express them. I have been so busy with my work and my son has grown up so fast, thus needs more of my time and attention. I will try to post weekly, hopefully I won't procrastinate. Thanks for dropping by.

September 28, 2016

How to fight depression?

Last year headlines especially celebrities who committed suicide are heartbreaking especially to the families of these people. With the status of our economy which is still bad despite figures/stats that government agencies are telling us, it affects one's way of thinking. If you lost your job or if you're a celebrity, you're no longer getting projects or contracts, this situation triggers negative thinking. The feeling of not having anything that you used to have, self-pity because you're no longer in demand and doesn't know where to go next are some of the fears which lead to depression. People who are bullied and their struggles to fit in and cope with the peer pressure causes severe depression leading to suicide. Having fear and being depress are normal from time to time because of the uncertainties of things around us but if it led to not functioning properly in life and causing unhealthy state of mind, they become serious problems. I'm not an expert on fighting depression but what works for me to combat it, is thinking of my son's needs more than mine. It's like when I'm feeling blue and somehow wants to give up, I tried to divert my attention to my son and tell myself  'will having negative thoughts and losing hope could help my son?  It's like sometimes I feel bad for not giving my son this and that, but thinking the other way around, my son deserves a strong mom. That kept me to combat fears and depression. I tried to write my feelings via this blog and to my journal because it helps to unload sentiments. Being depress are oftentimes caused by too much stress which is usually unavoidable, but I try to relax by taking a nap over doing some chores or sometimes watch feel good movies. The other way to combat depression is by having proper diet and enough sleep. Lastly, is to have a network / avenues of people where you can hang out from time to time to share your feelings and later realized that you're not alone and a lot of people feel the same way. Of course the most important way to fight depression is your relationship to GOD. Let him maneuver your life and I can tell you that no doubt He's so merciful and kind and always there for us. He makes things possible in HIS TIME.

May 20, 2014

God is good all the time

I thought of writing this post because something happened to me today. I was relieved from a severe muscle pain in my left leg & head ache. I asked GOD to touch and heal me to lessen the stress that I'm having caused by this flu. Then when I opened my Facebook account, I read one post stating that his father is already out of ER and finally ok. GOD never fails us, you will just think that he is failing you because it takes so long sometimes seems forever, but remember that things happen in God's time so we just need to be patient. Everyone needs to experience pain, because through this men are equal. God is so merciful and kind. When I got here & so far away from my parents, friends & relatives, there's no one that you could immediately call for help than GOD. I always turn to him before I reached the phone to talk to my husband or friend if there's something that bothers me. You could never be wrong if you surrender everything to GOD and let him maneuvers your life. Sounds preaching? This is based on my actual experiences. Don't ever hesitate to talk to him through prayer & always remember that prayer is not a spare tire you pull out when you feel your life has gone flat. It should be the steering wheel that will help you direct your life on the right path. May GOD bless us all!

February 08, 2014

Sad news

Today is the birthday of my ex-coworker who's spending his special day with our dearest GOD. When I opened my facebook, I saw his wife's birthday greetings to him and it  made me cry because it's kinda early for him to go and leave his wife and only daughter but as what most people say that we can't understand what's God's reason for now but in the future he will let us accept the truth. Then, another sad news is knowing the death of my high school classmate and I can't believe it because when you look at her, she's really healthy and loves to exercise shown by her slim figure. Life is really short and we don't know when our time is coming so we should make the most of each day. There's one thing that I'm happy doing each day of my life and that's saying I love you to my son and hubby countless times in a day. I even created a routine for the three of us, the hug time and I love you time. Whenever I say it's hug time, my son will run to me and give me a hug then go to his dad and do the same. Some may say that's meaningless because it's just a routine, for me it's real and it comes from my heart. I always tell my son that he should always remember that his mommy loves him very much. Life is too short!