October 19, 2009

About This Blog

This blog chronicles my being first time mom and stay at home mommy for the meantime. I became a stay-at-home-mommy after I gave birth to my son, I was left with no options than to quit my job and take care of him. My parents and most of my relatives/friends are in the Philippines, thus, I can't get any assistance. With regards to my inlaws, they are still working and can just occasionally baby sit. Being a Sahmy can be exciting and rewarding but it's not totally fun. I deal almost everyday with taking care of my son, doing chores and errands that can be so tiresome. With this, I sometimes feel isolated for being tied up and having no time to myself. I miss my old self prior to this situation. I miss those days that I can just splurge and go wherever I want. Now, it's always focus on my son's needs. Then, on raising/disciplining part, which sometimes pressure me because I need to be a role model to him in order to instill good values. A stressful part for it needs all the patience, understanding and strength to deal with a child. With this, I  look for avenues where I could share these experiences and have it as medium to gain more friends. It's a difficult transition for me to be a Sahmy because I've been working most of my life, focused on my career that's why I was a late bloomer. I might sound resenting being a Sahmy but honestly, I embraced it with open arms because it made me a better person.  This phase of my life is fulfilling because I've been with my son since birth, those milestones I witnessed are priceless! Being a sahmy is a choice that I will never regret!

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