November 10, 2009

Blog title

I'm still figuring out what name shall i give this blog. Stay @home mommy @your service kinda sound like craiglist's inappropriate services. Well, after this post maybe i will come out with a better name. I just realized that I spent almost 6 hours in Facebook everyday by doing those apps/games, browsing status updates and hiding all those non-sense news feeds. It's irritating sometimes because some people would publish nonsense things and would somewhat overlap the important ones. This happens when your wall is full of the nonsense feeds, there is a tendency that you overlooked the older posts and that's how you miss those important ones. I decided to make a blog site again after my addiction to Facebook because I feel what others might feel or felt whenever there are a lot of posted status updates (almost everyday) and link videos/photos from one person, in my case I usually hide that person from my wall. Thus, things that I want to talk about or share with my friends (with/out sense) can now be found in here. I just gonna link this site to my status update.

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