February 25, 2010


I had a post when this Octomom was all over the news before. Then the other day, I read something about her again saying that she won't be having more children unless she gets married in the future and would be limited to only one child. She's so selfish to say this. She's out of her mind, who's going to marry her and would assumed to be a father of 14 kids and one or nothing of his own. Everything for her seemed like 'toys'. She's an inconsiderate B!. I pity those children, they deserves a better mom. Who am I to judge her? I am mother of one child and everyday of my life since he came to us is attending to his needs in all aspects. Sometimes I regret not being with my son all the time because we are building a better foundation of values while he's still young and needs assistance. With this, how could a mother give love, build a good foundation and be there to her children with equal needs all at the same time. I strongly believe that children deserves the best home ever, with a mother and father at their side. Children shouldn't be treated as an object, they are here out of love between two people. Children shouldn't be thought of something to complete you, will make you happy, give you company and worse than that is to give you fame and money. You can't just look for a sperm donor, walk into a clinic and then get pregnant. I don't agree with this donor-conception stuff, yeah those couples unfortunate to have their own child usually gets the sympathy which justified this stuff. But, we forget that these innocent children product of this stuff are humans too. How could one child understand this thing especially if he was born without a father ever since. Most of the donors' identity are not know and are highly confidential if you go to reputable Sperm Donor Centers. This is emotionally draining because these children are wondering where the half of them came from, it seems like a mystery especially if the mother can't give any details about the father 'coz she herself doesn't have a clue of who he was. I am saddened with this process 'coz it assumes that biological origins is not a big deal to these children as long these process/agencies/medical people satisfy their customers.

my previous post from my friendster blog:
I don’t know the real nadya but based on her interviews and stories escalated lately, i could say that she’s selfish, insecure,manipulator, attention seeker and needs psychological help. according to her, she will be able to care for her 14 children…as soon as she goes back to school and they get full-time jobs. imagine that? she took the risk and will put these babies future in darkness because she’s not financially stable. she’s the only child and claimed not feeling enough love growing up which is a CRAP (BS!) . the more children she has the more time she’ll have to spend making each one feel individually loved. so having 14, and being a single mom, how can she give enough love to each as these children grow up. for sure the real reason for having these children is to have fame that will bring her love and fortune (huge money….currently working on a BOOK deal now) i pity those children especially now that usa is into deep recession. an ordinary family both husband and wife working with one child, is struggling. how can nadya survive? with all of these, her defense was she doesn’t need society’s approval to have the kind of family she wants, yup! Just society’s money - it’s taxpayers money that supported and will support her. she’s receiving around $600/monthly for food stamps and 3 of her children are into disability programs. what about the hospital bills? again, it will be charged to taxpayers’. how can a single mom face her needs and her children’s. she’s so selfish to think of herself alone and her needs disregarding what these children deserve. she thought she will have all the attention, adoration and fortune. such a selfish person! i pity those children….they will grow up without a father, enough resources and love that they deserve. furthermore, in order to cure her insecurities, she had this cosmetic surgery which puzzled me, where she got the money to finance this? look at her old and new pictures and see the difference. comparing her to angelina jolie is such a crap.

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