February 20, 2010

Travelling with my son

I went to Asia in December, 2009 and spent christmas holidays with my parents. I brought my son with me and it was the most tiring trip that I have had. I didn't buy a seat for my son due to hesitation that he might not like being separated from me. It was a nightmare! We flew via American Airlines connecting flight to Japan then to our destination. The seats in AA by rows are too close to each other, too narrow for someone taller/bigger. Ok, let me start this from the aiport, my hubby was with us up to security/safety check-in counter. I had a backpack, diaper bag, a tote bag and umbrella stroller. My son was too fussy 'coz we've been in the airport for 3 hours and it's time for his nap (11am flight). He doesn't want to be moved out from his stroller, it was very difficult for me 'coz I needed to place all my stuff in the xray machine quickly so as not to cause traffic from other passengers in line at the same time, attending to a fussing baby. Then, there's the wearing of shoes again, collecting all my stuff, placing my son in the stroller, oh my! I wish I have 4 hands then. After the security check, I headed to our assigned gate for boarding, gosh, it was the farthest gate. On our way, I stopped in Mcdonalds kiosk and bought my lunch. We boarded exactly 10:30am, we're seated near the window with a Japanese old man as seatmate (aisle). He got in first and it seemed that he's ready to take his nap 'coz he had his travel-neck-pillow in placed already. When he saw us and learned that we're going to be his seatmate, I saw the disappointment on his face. I caused traffic, because my son doesn't want to get in and sit. I have 3 bags which the 2 supposedly be placed in the overhead but unfortunately there's no room even for my tote bag. Thus, the 3 bags were placed under my seat. Can you imagine the incovenience and discomfort of having those bags under my legs? I will end this post here and do another with details/tips on travelling with a child.

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