February 21, 2010

Winter Olympics

I was excited seeing the US athletes during the opening. 'feeling American' only, 'coz I will always be a true-blooded-pinay. I must admit when I was still in my birth country, I don’t have the interest with the olympic athletes then. I preferred gossips from the tabloid and seldom read the sports section. I only recall Richard Gomez in fencing and Mikey Cojuangco in equestrian 'coz there are movie stars too. Other than that, nothing more. When I came here in USA, I became hooked with sports. I love baseball, football, hockey and not much of basketball. Maybe I outgrew basketball which is the favorite sport in my country. I was a Purefoods/Alaska fan then 'coz of Patrimonio and Lastimosa. I was also a member of basketball committee during my senior year in higschool. Things change,my preferences with regards to sports have changed. I watched the Summer Olympics and became a fan of Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff (swimming), Shawn Johnson (gymnastics), Misty Treanor and Kerri Walsh (beach volleyball). Now that Winter Olympics started, I love most of the winter sports. They are all exciting and nerve-wracking. There are lots of good looking faces. I learned all the names of the sports included in winter olympics;

Alpine Skiing *
Cross Country
Figure Skating*
Freestyle Skiing
Ice Hockey
Nordic Combined
Short Track
Ski Jumping*
Speed Skating*

Those with * asterisks were my favs.

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