March 04, 2010

Diet and Healthy Lifestyle

I decided to post this video to remind myself and let you know that me and hubby are into serious commitment of losing weight. We gave ourselves target schedule which I wouldn't write in here for the meantime to lose max of 20lbs. What leads us to this? Actually, we just keep on procrastinating this 'must' part of our to-do-list and then one day we realized that we need to start it then. Last week, I went to a doctor to have my eye checked 'coz I have a swollen eyelid. I know I got this when I cleaned our basement, by rubbing my left eye too many times. I had this before and it will just go away within 7-10 days but I insisted to visit a doctor already 'coz it's too itchy and I don't want to assume and have my own diagnosis. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic cream to be applied 4 times/day. That night, I spoke with my mom over the phone and she reminded me to take care of myself 'coz I'm in the age brackets of susceptible to different illnesses especially high blood pressure. My mom warned me about my eating habits and lifestyle. She told me that high blood pressure has no symptoms at all. I read online that it's termed as silent killer. She told me that I might have an elevated BP and I just don't know about it because I relied on the known symptoms such as headache, palpitation and others. She demanded that I lose weight and start eating with less sodium and fats. The hardest task she wanted me to do which is breaking my heart is to quit drinking coffee. I am a coffee monster. I drink 5 cups a day. It's my alternative to water which keeps me hydrated. Hubby and I have a serious talk about this, and we commit ourselves of having healthy lifestyle for the sake of our son. He's sad also 'coz he needed to quit smoking though he already started limiting it to after each meal (3times). It was so hard on our first day, we always look at the label of our food. Sodium intake is very much monitored. I just have bought some spam, corned beef and canned soup for me last week so that it won't take me long to prepare my lunch on days that I just want to laze around. These goods are scheduled to be shipped to my parents. Usually I have chocolate raisins, chocolate wafers, cookies and oreos in our refrigerator. Now, I am into almonds and cashew nuts. I have salad, veggies, fruits, egg whites and shrimp for the last five days. I drink close to a gallon of Diet Green Tea a day which brings me to the bathroom often. Hubby asked me to cooked the chicken drumsticks via boiling with dash of black pepper only. I don't know how he was able to eat those tasteless/bland chickens. I need first to lose weight so my carbs intake are also monitored. So, the best for me now is water therapy to flush all the sodium and toxins out. We are very serious about this 'coz on my side, we have the history of hypertension and to hubby's part is, diabetes. Health is wealth!

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