March 23, 2010

Healthcare Reform

it's all over the news and I came across with one reader's comment in a forum which I agree with, that I extracted part of it.

Americans will be FORCED, required to carry health insurance -- either through an employer, through a government program or by buying it for themselves. Those who refuse will face penalties from the IRS. This is unconstitutional. Next thing they will do is dictate on how many children we can have, like in China.

I am all for helping people in need. There are many low income hard working Americans out there and I applaud all of them, times are hard for EVERYONE! Yes, help people who are helping themselves, not the people sitting back waiting for hand outs!!!

I feel all children should have free medical,but I don't feel everyone should BE forced into paying into a medical plan and being penalized if they don't comply.

People don't realize that just because someone makes over $200,000 a year dose not make them rich. After taxes, student loans, expenses your lucky to be able to put food on your table. Most people have to attend school in order to make over $200,000 a year and now they are being penalized for wanting a better future for themselves.

I am one that only gets by with my SSA of $7,000 a year because I am disable and I am not jumping up for joy for the hard working Americans to support the low income fools that chose to party away their youth, have children just because, and didn't want to better them-self in life. Many prefer a hand out, food stamps and keep having children so their welfare check increases. Sad...but it is what it is. That is where America has a big problem and until that problem is fixed a long with many other problems, like protecting our children..."The Best Interest Of The Child"..the courts don't give a rats @zz about our children, they rather put them back in the home of one of the bio parents and look the other way, (Then they wonder why the welfare scam cycle is never ending), keeping RSO on the streets and Murders with more rights than Victims, our Country is domed!

The elderly will now have to suffer the consequences as well. They will be forced to pay higher premiums and will lose medical coverage benefits and will have to deal with all the cut backs. In other words, Obama feels the elderly don't need as much health coverage..kind of like, well they are old so why waste medical dollars on the elderly.
When I spoke with my mom, she's so happy with the passing of this healthcare bill 'coz she thought that it's really free that the USA govt has surplus budget to support this. I explained the repercussions and set her a good example. I asked my mom if she's sick, will she go to a particular govt. hospital that I named for her, and she replied, NO! I will be more sick when I go there. So with this, I let her picture the scenario of many people in line waiting for their turns in a hospital. I take Obesity as a serious problem here in USA, many people ignore this. When you're obese or heavy weight, you are at risk with all kinds of illnesses. So why not, some of that $950 Billion be put in a program to solve the root of major illnesses. The other day, I saw a family purchased lots of chocolates and cakes & frozen pizza from a grocery store using their food stamps. This is not good! After providing food/shelter assistance to this welfare recipients, when they got sick, you will still provide assistance in the expense of others. I don't know, who am I to judge?, the only thing I know is my husband has too much taxes too pay.

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