March 24, 2010

Made in China

When I was in the Philippines, I used to buy branded clothes but when I worked in a retail company, there I discovered that most branded clothes are just made in China. There's a misconception! It does not follow that a product will always come from where the brand originated. Once our products were delivered, we hire people to remove the 'Made in China' label. There's a bad impression once the product is known to be made in China. It's about the quality. Lately, there are a lot of news about harmful ingredients in medicine, food products, children toys and pet foods coming from China. Oftentimes, the 'Made in China' label signifies substandard products. It seems that quality control is very poor. I wonder how the Chinese government officials react from the complaints of international community. From the unjust trade practices, theft of intellectual property rights and other unfair practices. But the increasing demands of international community cannot be suffice by its own supply, thus still needing the 'Made in China' products. Is it true that cheap labor equals cheap product?

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