March 24, 2010

Not just a photo

I found this photo from a site of someone who likes photography. One of the comments on that site was, nice 'under saturated' tones and the noise, great lightning. This photo captured sad emotions. By the way the photo was taken in Cambodia. I felt sadness whenever I look at this photo. Sad for this little boy's fate and I realized that sometimes I forgot to thank GOD for all the blessings he has given me. Blessings may also be in the form of pain and one should not despair that much when he/she's in solitude because in pain, all men are equal. We all do experience pain. Everytime we go to the mass, I usually put light eyeshadow and mascara but since the time that I heard a certain responsorial song I stopped, because I always cry whenever we sing the responsorial song......'God is kind and merciful'..... there's no instance that I didn't cry. Hubby will start holding my hands when it's going to start 'coz he knows that i'm going to cry. I always believe that GOD is sooooo kind and merciful to me all the time. Those tears are tears of joy that he has chosen me to be given too much kindness and always merciful to me.

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