March 12, 2010

Tons of Books

Since I started losing weight, I was more motivated and inspired (aside from my son as the main reason) due to the tons of information I am getting from all the health/lifestyle books that I borrowed from the library. It's really scary to have elevated blood pressure for consecutive days knowing that it runs in my family's medical history. There are no symptoms just by random check-up, I discovered that I have an elevated bp which honestly brought me into panic. I don't like to be dependent on medication for life. I want to be healthy for my son and it's too costly to finance medication for any illness here in USA. These are the books that I borrowed from the library good for 3 weeks. I just browsed some books which is practically the same with the others. There is one book that I read which reminded me of the movies Departed and 4th of July, in terms of offensive languages. The title is 'Skinny Bitch', it's a no-nonsense tough love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous (as per the authors). One chapter is entitled 'Sugar is the Devil', it's very difficult to stay away from sugar because around your kitchen is where this devil is lurking. Another chapter is ' Give it Up' such as smoking; it says, give up your gross vices like smoking and it's a pathetic excuse to say 'i'll gain weight if I stop smoking'. They say 'smoking are for losers because it screw up your whole body chemistry and kill your taste buds. Then habitual drinking is termed as fat-pig-syndrome because it makes you fat, bloated and farty (pardon). It raises the level of hydrochloric acid in your stomach, wreaking havoc on the digestive process. Most of the things that they say on this book are true but at the end you'll discover that they are vegans! When I found out that this book is for vegans, I did not finish reading it. No offense, but I don't believe on the vegan ideas.

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