April 12, 2010


I borrowed again tons of books from the library with health, lifestyle, positive outlook, cook books and parenting as categories. I feel so thin already just by reading all the so-s0 diets (cardio free diet, eating well diet, etc.), lol! I read, I browse the net, phone-a-friend, go out with my son, do the chores, and so forth. Do I sound complaining? Nope! I'm just bored doing same old same old. I miss working 24/7, though it's not good and healthy. Before I moved here in USA, my previous job required me to be available 24/7 'coz it's technical support. Even it's your day-off, you will receive phonecalls asking for support/assistance. I miss that, yelling on someone 'coz of *tupid questions and wasting my time (just kidding). I'm still yelling 'No, NO, don't touch that!, to my son. Also, I must admit that I miss those times that people address me with Ma'am. Well, being bored forever is a stage that I don't intend to be with. Thus, I need to lay out all my options to overcome this boredom, first I need to call my agent or Spielberg or Oprah if I have some movie to make or guestings. bwahahahahaah! this confirms that I'm insanely bored now.

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