April 09, 2010

Career Shift?

Everyone knows that USA is still in bear market which somehow affect companies' position/status with regards to keeping their employees despite decrease in income. I was officially part of the unemployed group since March this year. Even my work was just part-time 'coz I need to take care of my son, it was the best time to socialize, make my brains work, deal with puzzling challenges and it let me feel that I'm soo productive. You see results right away and feel recognition by appreciative comments from your boss or co-workers. Anyways, I started to love the kind of work I had then, accounting related. With all these free time that I have which some of them are just wasted in FB apps., I'd rather sort things out as early as now, where to go? Shall I shift or shall I enhance/update my skills in computer? There's also the suggestion from MIL and hubby to shift into healthcare related field. Whatever field I will end up with in the coming months/year, I will ensure that I will love doing it, it's stable and still be able to give time for my family esp. to myson. I'm thinking that I might be good in the field of acting....I can be an Actress, it pays huge! (i'm just kidding). I need a long vacation to reflect on this major decision.

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