April 22, 2010

Fishing Day

Yesterday's weather was awesome so we decided to go fishing. While hubby was into fishing area, I was with my son, following/chasing him in the playground / entire park. I got so tired thus I decided to halt his playing/running and got into the car. I was worried that my son will be too scorched from the heat. I had fun but not as much as hubby. I'm thinking if it's possible to have an indoor fishing within a shopping mall. This would be great especially for me. I could go with hubby everyday for fishing if it's within a shopping mall or nearby. Before I got pregnant, I used to sit, read, wait and nap while waiting for hubby finish his fishing stuff. I can't leave him long 'coz I need to take pictures of the captured fish. When you're married you should somehow meet halfway in your interests to avoid conflict. Whenever I do some shopping, he's bored and unhappy 'coz he pays for them (lol). I'm so patient in looking for the best deal/sale merchandise, thus it takes me longer when I shop, that makes my hubby sooo bored. I don't want him to be with me whenever I do my shopping, I just phoned him when I'm done. It's inconvenient for him if our son starts fussing and doesn't want to be in the play area. With this, he'll end up pushing the stroller from end to end of the mall 'coz our son doesn't want to be stationary.

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