April 17, 2010


Here I go again, writing a to-do-list which oftentimes procrastinated and some forgotten. Anyways, it needs super dooper will power and of course prayers. I can do this, I can do that, repeat I won't do this, I won't do that....omg! again, I will try to do this, I will try to do that, better!

Some of my to-do-list:
~ lose 20 lbs. through eat-the-right-stuff diet and exercise
~ learn to cook / prepare meals
~ join the recycling-stuff by segregating & not what I used to do, tossed everything in the garbage can
~ learn to do some gardening stuff
~ paint some area of the house that needs repainting
~ donate old clothes
~ enroll on whatever course I decided
~ expand network on Filipino community to meet more friends
~ upgrade to windows 7
~ stop collecting discount coupons except on groceries
~ read more books, watch more dvds
~ redecorate the house, re-arrange furnitures, etc.

Whew! I got tired right away just by writing them what more doing them! Well, these are MUST to do so I rather start them right away to see results.

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Lala said...

todate: I have accomplished the recycling stuff, donated old clothes, stopped collecting discount coupons, reading more books and having dvd-marathon, re-arranged furnitures (for my son's safety and appliances/furnitures' as well)