April 29, 2010

My son turned 2

Time flies so fast, I remember that I kept on complaining that I lack sleep and felt like a zombie. It's about my son's sleeping pattern that for months haven’t changed. He used to wake up at 4am, and wouldn’t go back to sleep whatever method I used. He would cry out loud which made his dad awake from the master bedroom thus, I needed to bring him down to our living room. Poor me, I can't even take a nap in the sofa because he doesn't want to be placed on his crib instead wanted to be held/cuddled. Then after months, he started to crawl, walk on his own, run, climb and grab anything. When he was still a baby, I wished that he grows up so that I could have more sleep. Now that he runs, climbs and grabs anything he sees, I wished he's still a baby that I could leave in the crib so that I could do other things. Now that at 2, he doesn't want to be held/kissed/cuddled as much as before. He always wants to walk on his own and sometimes will let go of your hand which holds his'. He grabs all the things that he sees and throws them afterwards. He's fond of making bubbles, playing with his mouth, playing with the water he drinks and lots of tricks that requires mommy's full attention. With all these tricks and adventures, one time he got me so nervous. I left him playing with his books while also watching tv, I went to the kitchen which is maybe 15-20 steps away. I turned on the faucet and washed his bottle of milk then after turning it off, I heard a giggling voice upstairs and found him on the master bedroom on top of our bed. Imagine, he was able to push the block, climb the stairs (15 steps) and in our bed. Ohmy! my what-ifs then were countless and scary. Tantrums are occurring more often and sometimes untolerable thus more patience is really needed. I wish he could speak lots of words now, though he can follow instructions. He does things when he wants to, can't force him even I bribed him for toys or food. My baby is now a toddler......

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