April 19, 2010

"Sandra Bullock Asked to Return Razzie Statue"

A very catchy headline, thought she was asked to return it 'coz of what happened to her personal life. I just thought of making a post about this because I am starting to polish my writing skills. I would admit that the struggle with my writing is about the english grammar. I could do posts in my native language and I'm very sure that readers would end up reading my post with a smile on their face. I believe that each one of us should enjoy life to the fullest and SET time for our priorities in life. We can use the alibi that we don't have time, but the truth, we're just fooling ourselves. We can really have time for anything if we want to. I chose the above post title because it shows writing technique, the writer entices the reader onset through the headline. The title could be 'Original Razzie Statue was given to Bullock' but the phrase 'ASKED TO' spice it up. Recently, hubby and I are into DVD-movie marathon at night. We borrowed dvd's from our city library then we watch our chosen movies at the same time. Hubby uses the main TV in our bedroom while I use the portable dvd with earphone. I like the feel-good-love-story movies while hubby prefers documentaries/true stories. I watched an old movie of Drew Barrymore and all of a sudden I thought of a story fitted for her. Well, I will work on it, who knows it can be a hit. Dreams are free.

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