April 06, 2013

Secrets of Longevity

I'm currently reading this book and so eager to learn the secrets, though some of them are familiar 'coz most of diet books discussed them too. Here are some of the secrets:

~to slim down - fill up with soup
~nuts and seeds - keep you young
~mushroom - the ultimate longevity food
~honey - the natural antibiotic
~berries - very good for you
~brown rice - for long life
and so forth..

It compares ways of people before and now. "People before practice meditation to help maintain harmony. They ate balance diets at regular times, rise and retired at regular hours. They avoided overburdening their bodies and minds and refrained from overindulgences of all kinds."

"People nowadays, they drink wine like water, indulge in excessive eating and other destructive behavior, drain their essence and deplete their energy. They seek emotional excitement and momentary pleasures. They fail to regulate their lifestyle and diet thus, no wonder they look old at fifty and die soon after."

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