May 07, 2010

Mother's Day

I want to pay tribute to the best mom in the world. Being her only child, I was really brought up as decent, polite and God-fearing person. She will dissent my craziness. I got that from my playmates, friends????? hahahahaha. I recall my childhood days when I thought that my mom is so MEAN. Our MOM is MEAN because when we’re young, she always insist on knowing where we are at all times. She must know who our friends are and if we were allowed to go out with them. We have to return an hour or less. She has the power to break the labor laws for making us work, clean our room, wash the dishes, help her do the laundry and other cruel jobs we thought. Always, she wants us to say the truth, but nothing but the truth. the funny thing is, she wants the truth and when you tell the truth…you will be punished. You will cry and she will say ‘keep crying, and I’ll give you something to cry about.” You never missed even one sunday mass even you wish, you’re with your friends. Having all these mean things that you thought about your mom, and now that you’re grown up, ask yourself, when you left home, were you a God-fearing, educated and honest adult? I think , we need mean moms to understand and embrace life with courage. So, don’t feel bad when sometimes your mom seems to be mean on you…….I understand now because I am a mom now. For sure, I will be meaner than my mom, hahahaha. (oops, my mom would disagree that she’s been mean). Whenever my son is starting to throw tantrums, I take a deep breath and ask God for more patience. I just hope he'll be a good boy so that I wouldn't be mean in my words/actions towards him. But I know he's going to be a good boy like what I've been a good girl when I was his age (I can see my mom disagrees). I owe everything to my mom for who I am now and I will forever carry with me her words of wisdom. Cheers to all moms!

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