May 13, 2010

Today is a bit boring

I always start my day looking at to-do-list that I made prior. Aside from the routine chores, I plan things to get done everyday. As I'm browsing my to-do-list, I got bored right away. Kinda disease that quickly spread on me today. I just want to laze around. I forced myself to do this post because I need to do something productive as a sort of combating this disease, boredomsia! (as in amnesia) While typing this post, I'm figuring out in my mind what to do next aside from those things in my list. I thought of watching dvd though I used to do that before I go to bed at night. Ok, watch tv shows! But watching tv all day or longer will just let me feel more sluggish and lazybum. How bout cooking? Nope! Yesterday was enough, I prepared two meals for hubby that caused me to feel so stinky and my hair sucked all the yucky fishy scent! Prepared fish and chicken meals for him. I don't know I'll be almost done with this post, but can't think of other things to overcome this boredomsia! Ah ok, I will link this nonsense post in my FB status to spread boredomsia. I shall make a pass with my to-do-list, though a phrase that's permanent on it is 'don't procrastinate! I rather give in to this boredomsia today that procrastinate it! lol!

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