June 04, 2010

Missing Work

I miss those mornings in the Philippines before going to work, trying on 3 or more clothes before deciding what to wear that day which I could have done the night before. I tried that, I chose what to wear but I ended up changing my mind. Most of the time it depends on my mood, even the weather was too hot, you can see me fully clothed from blazer to accessories. My mom would always criticize me for wearing those 'bulk' of clothes as she termed it but my reason was that's the suited clothes to wear in our office because of the coolness of the A/C. What's a 5 minutes walk under the heat of the sun, then taking an airconditioned cab, 5 minutes walk to the train station and then 5 minutes again for getting a cab heading office, it's bearable especially if you take shower everyday (lol). Now that I am a here in USA and sahmy for now, I just dress up every Sunday mass and special occasion. On ordinary days of doing errands and other stuff, a denim pants and top would suffice. I've read lots of fashion books before and I remember one that says women should always dress up no matter what the occasion is, dress up for success and whatever you wear, can change your life. It creates good impression. Inasmuch as I want to wear those suits again, for now I will just wait for when and where.

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