August 09, 2010


I resurrected from the mud that I got stucked with due my lazy mode, thus, updating this blog. I got bored of being a lazybum (lol). Anyways, those days that I hibernated from posting were the exciting part of our summer. The 4th of July was a blast, then we went to Amish community and stayed there on weekend which made me realized that life can be so simple. Then we went to different fun/fairs and still have long list to go to. We tried to spent another weekend in Lake Geneva for fishing/swimming and related activities. But when we're there, most of the good/not so expensive hotels were booked which we don't usually believe when checked online. Then when we rented a boat, my son made an uncontrollable tantrums which prohibit us to proceed. We decided to go swimming, then when I checked our bag for our swim suits, viola! it was left in the house. We ended up passing to a shopping outlet which changed my mood. Our stay in Lake Geneva is shorter than our travel time (back & forth). Todate, we have scheduled fairs to go to on the coming weekends, via Until next time, for the latest update on our summer escapades.

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