October 11, 2010

Job Hunting

It's been 10 months that I've been a full-time sahmy. I miss working; the analyzing part, problem solving, socializing with co-workers of course payday. It's hard to find a job nowadays because of the global economic crisis which makes today as employer's market. For just simple/entry level position, they would look for lots of qualifications and would offer a crappy rate. They are taking advantage of the situation wherein over-qualified applicants are also vying for that entry-level position. I am not psychic who could predict the economy's future but I think as long as the govt. kept on spending on huge projects such as the Obamacare, things wouldn't be better yet. Admit it or not, most of the workers are in the mercy of their employers. Government should give the employers tax break so they could hire more. I dunno what will happen next, I just hope that they will be positive. I'll just keep on searchin with matching praying.

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