October 23, 2010

Prayer Works

I got an answered prayer yesterday. It was a year & half old prayer request, GOD is so kind and merciful. He never fails us, we just need to be patient because things happen on his time. As what I've realized that we shouldn't count on what we have lost, instead we should cherish what we have now and plan to achieve. The past never returns but the future could fill-in the loss. When I moved here in USA, I could say that I became closer to GOD, everyday I talk to him through prayer. Being apart from the family that I grew-up for 35 years is a struggle. Also, away from your friends and country that you considered your comfort-zone/territory. Life in here is really fast pace and I could say lonely because most of the people here works until they drop. Family time sometimes affected be it in quantity/quality. But this is reality, if both husband & wife don't work, it's hard to suffice the family's needs. So, in order for you to have peace, always turn on to GOD for guidance and let your prayers be your way to embrace GOD and let him know that you are letting him maneuver your life. Thank you GOD for your continous blessings, be in the form of pain, because through it, men are equal. I tell you, Prayer can move mountains and it is a steering wheel that will bring you to the right path. PRAYER WORKS!

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