November 30, 2010


As usual I am in senti mood nowadays until that big day. I hope my being sad & worrisome would end on that day. I wish & pray that GOD would give me peace of mind. This whole thing is driving me nuts, much more when I browsed the net & read some stuff that I sometimes forced myself to relate with it. There are lots of what-ifs & hows into my mind now. I kept on saying, I'll cross the bridge when I get there, but am I that strong to cross it. What if I jump over the bridge because of fear? I talked to my mom and she said that always think for the best and she will be praying for me. I can't still disclose what this thing that bothers me for now but I promise to share everything after the most awaited day. When I look back & reminisce the past trials that I've been through and survived, they were not easy 'coz some of them almost caused me to give up but GOD was in control and continued to give me strength to surpass. What I have done before that will make it easier for me to go through this in case of worse scenario, my faith! I hope I can still be lifted by my faith to pass this trial again. With GOD, nothing is impossible. I let him maneuver my life. Dear God, I trust in you!

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