May 20, 2014

God is good all the time

I thought of writing this post because something happened to me today. I was relieved from a severe muscle pain in my left leg & head ache. I asked GOD to touch and heal me to lessen the stress that I'm having caused by this flu. Then when I opened my Facebook account, I read one post stating that his father is already out of ER and finally ok. GOD never fails us, you will just think that he is failing you because it takes so long sometimes seems forever, but remember that things happen in God's time so we just need to be patient. Everyone needs to experience pain, because through this men are equal. God is so merciful and kind. When I got here & so far away from my parents, friends & relatives, there's no one that you could immediately call for help than GOD. I always turn to him before I reached the phone to talk to my husband or friend if there's something that bothers me. You could never be wrong if you surrender everything to GOD and let him maneuvers your life. Sounds preaching? This is based on my actual experiences. Don't ever hesitate to talk to him through prayer & always remember that prayer is not a spare tire you pull out when you feel your life has gone flat. It should be the steering wheel that will help you direct your life on the right path. May GOD bless us all!

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