November 20, 2010

My 'ME' time

I usually have my 'ME' time during nap/bed time of my son. Then, I expect that whenever my hubby is off, he could relieved me in watching our son who's in terrible-two-stage but it seldom happens because he worked long hours and needed more sleep & does some errands. Anyways, when he has successive days-off, I get some long hours of ME-time. As I am writing this post, my dearest son is taking his afternoon nap which gives me the liberty to use the computer without him buggin me by pressing the keyboard, pulling the cables, playing with the mouse. I see to it that during my ME-time, I don't do chores & related tasks. Either, I am browsing the net, reading book or watching tv or movie & having a snack. Right now, I'm having bluberry yogurt & hot choco (whew! what a combination) in between typing. Prior to this blogging, I checked our mails & found a package of Dr. Seuss books. When I opened it, there's the bill of $13+ for the two books. I thought it's free again because I renewed my subscription with Parents Magazine for another more year, which makes the expiration 2013 just to avail of the FREE five (5) Dr. Seuss Books plus tote bag. I never thought that it would mean a membership with the Dr. Seuss Book Club which operates in sending the members new books to purchase if in case you don't like them, you shoulder the shipping cost. In short, I emailed Parents Magazine and informed them that I wish to cancel that membership, advised me to call the third party (Dr. Seuss publisher). I phoned them, I cited my reasons that I can't afford their books and would rather borrow from the library. Then the customer service rep told me that it was cancelled already but I have two options to make, return the books @ my own shipping cost or keep them & just pay $10 for the two (2) books. Bravo! (smart selling strategy) So, I will end up of course keeping and paying them. I hope my son would read it in the future, he's kinda choosy when it comes to visual aspect. He prefers the colorful and glossy ones. But, of course in the future his taste will change whether he likes it or not (lol) (I'm on my 2nd yogurt-mixed berry). I love to go shopping tomorrow but it's a busy day for us. Mass time would vary depending on hubby's duty end time 'coz he's oncall today 24 hrs. I wish it's not too cold tomorrow, it always affects one's mood. If you still want to stay longer in a certain place, you will have 2nd thoughts 'coz it might turned too cold in the evening, something like that. I glanced on the headline of our local newspaper which raised my eyebrow 'Invest in USA, become a citizen?' I will read this article and post my comment later or tomorrow. It's like push the economy to get better at the expense of one of the causes of the economic crisis which is Immigration Law. Until next time, need to have my MEAL-time!

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