November 08, 2010


A day after halloween, I woke up with too much body ache that I let my little son kicked me at the back as sort of playing with him as to relieve me with the pain. No amount of hot shower, bengay & hot compress stuff helped to ease the pain. It took 2 days for the pain to go away, then sore throat followed, low-fever, congested headache, clogged nose & other symptoms of flu. I got Mr. Flu, after days of procrastinating to have flu shot, now it's too late. My two boys got the shots which make me feel a little better that hopefully they won't catch any of these symptoms. Todate, I'm on my 1st week already, things are loosening up, no low-grade fever, no headache. Cough & colds on their last stage. Still, praying and having medication to feel better soon. I got my voice back but still it sounded funny that my 2-year old son kept on laughing at me whenever I recite the alphabet or sing some nursery rhymes. During this horrible circumstance, I used to stay/sleep on the sofa so as not to disturb anyone of them when I needed to cough that hard/loud and make countless turns as to know which is more comfortable position to me. I lost weight already, a good thing but I would never prefer it this way. I was able to removed my wedding & engagement rings which I planned to bring to the jewelry shop for cleaning. That was after 5 years, I got pregnant, gained weight & then lose some this time. I always wish my friends good health during their birthdays because having one is such a wealth. I hope and pray that I will be totally free from Mr. Flu & other friends of him. I promised to be healthy & stay fit in order to be with my son longer.

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