May 25, 2013


It's the second day that my son is suffering from a stye. As what those medical related sites defined stye as a common infection on a child's eyelid. It occurs when an eyelash, and the glands that are found near eyelashes, get infected. These glands produce oil, which along with tears, help lubricate the eye. Warm compresses are the main treatment for a stye. They should be applied to the area of the stye four or five times a day for at least 10 to 15 minutes or as long as your younger child will tolerate the compress. With this treatment, a stye will often drain on its own within a few weeks.
I guess my son got it while playing with our blinds. He got all the dust and rubbed them in his eyes. He loved touching his eyelashes which could also the way it got through his eyes. Whenever he sleeps at night or a nap, the more it get swollen because the flow on the glands goes around the eyes unlike when he's awake and standing, the pressure is more on the eyelids.
As usual, this gives me stress. I don't want my son enduring any kinds of pain from whatever sources. I always pray for his wellness. Anyways, he's currently taking a nap now so I got this time to post. But this neighbor of ours started to turn on his mower which I hope won't wake him up yet 'coz he needs some rest.

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