November 22, 2010

What IF?

I came across an article that discuss the fate of a terminallly ill mother & how things change in the lives of her family. Medical bills, spiraled up which made it impossible for the husband to pay. They decided to file a divorce, so that the husband is spared of full liabilities so that he could still support their children needs. The saddest was, the father of the terminally ill was the one being harrassed to shoulder the bills. With this I came with the question What if? If I found out that I have an illness which is 90% uncurable, I will put into writing my will of not having further medical care/attention & medication. I am a believer of GOD, I know things are possible with GOD but thinking of my child's future is my priority. I don't want my husband & son be deprived of a life that they deserved. I don't want my husband suffer in paying medical bills resulting to deprivation on my son's needs. I want to be with my family and be with my son longer but in times like this, I believe there should be some sacrifices. I wish to be the sacrifice. If GOD tells you that it's time, accept it! Be glad 'coz you will be having the chance to be with him and could watch your family forever. You might think that my faith in GOD is superficial & why I will give up and not give a fight. If I truly love my family, I need to be strong & fight but circumstances show you an option that would not cause you to regret forever & will give your family some convenience. Let your loss be their pain and no more added debts that they will endure forever. But, of course if circumstances & your chance of surviving is more than the other, give it a fight!

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