December 05, 2010

Sunday Mass w/o Hubby

It's very rare that we miss attending Sunday Mass 'coz it's an obligation for being a catholic. Hubby manage to squeeze in attending mass even he's scheduled to work during Sunday. But today, he needs to report for work early thus, we can't attend an early mass & he might be rendering long hours duty so late afternoon mass is not possible too. My son and I attended the 8am mass & it's kinda hard on my part 'coz my son doesn't behave whenever he's in the church. I needed to bribe him with milk, cookies & toys just for him to stay within the area where we at. Usually, hubby brings him at the back of the church after all the bribes were consumed, otherwise his screaming/yelling could distract/annoy those people around us. So, I miss hubby when it comes to taking charge of my son after all the bribes have been consumed. I just hope my son would behave the soonest whenever we attend Sunday mass.

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