December 03, 2010

What a Relief!

I am somehow relieved from the things that bother me for weeks now. But I need to wait for the results of the tests which will be released on Monday. From there, I will share this current situation that I am into. For now, I thank GOD endlessly for answering my prayer. Sometimes it's too scary whenever you have lots of answered prayers so somehow I don't ask for other things from GOD that I know that I can live without it or can endure it. I reserved those requests/prayers for the most important ones. I don't want to go over the limits of answered prayers (lol). Anyways, I feel so good and this is the day that I should rejoice 'coz for the nth times, I proved that GOD never put you to something that you can't go through, just need to believe in him and everything will be ok. Until next time for my detailed post. GOD is so kind and merciful.

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