January 26, 2011

Academy Awards Nominees

Movie Awards are very much awaited both by the movie stars and the viewers. I am rooting for Social Network to be named as Best Picture and Natalie Portman for Best Actress. Anyways, I'm just curious if The Three Stooges was been nominated in any award giving bodies then, do they win? I'm not a fan of these three jerks but hubby is an avid one. I don't know, I don't find them funny or let's say the humor style. Whenever there's a StoogesPalooza (whatever they termed it), hubby is glued to the tv and inviting our son to watch it with him. What's with him? Why he finds the show so funny? One day, I sat beside him and watch a couple of minutes the three jerks and I failed to find answer why he likes them and the show so much. So, I asked him, 'Why you like to watch this?', It's so corny! He replied, it's funny! I asked again, What's funny about it?. He replied, 'look at their faces and their reactions' they're funny. I don't want to argue more. My father inlaw loves Three Stooges too. I just thought maybe 'being funny' differs from one culture to another.  I am known for being funny, crazy, silly by my friends, I always make them laugh which maybe the reason why even an ounce of laughter, it's hard for me to give to Three Stooges because my level and style of humor is different. Some might not laugh at my jokes and find it not funny or corny, I don't mind which as a matter of fact, I used it to deliver a new joke. Now I remember the saying, 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' which is not applicable to us because I got hubby through my humor and wit (forget the latter), lol!

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