January 06, 2011

BECOME a smart shopper

When I was still working I used to shop mostly online because I don't have extra time, if ever I do, I spent it on doing chores. Shopping at store oftentimes take lots of my time because I want a good deal and is not doable because I have a uncooperative toddler. Now that I'm a stay at home mom for the meantime, I don't have the luxury to buy things that I don't really need or will not be used the soonest. I can say that I am a smart shopper. Holiday season had passed so expect that christmas decorations & related stuff are on clearance sale or discounted. The other day I was organizing our closets, I set aside those clothes that are no longer in use due to it's size, off-season & fading color. I saw our Halloween costumes and it reminded me that this season is the best time to look for discounted / on sale costumes. I googled ghost costume and found Casper the friendly ghost . I discovered a  site which offers mostly all the things that you need. This is convenient because you don't need to visit multiple sites to look for your needs, in here it's all in one, linked together. I want the Casper friendly ghost costume for my son and for me is the women's ninja costume . My husband wants to have Benjamin Franklin costume. Our needs for next halloween or any costume parties that we will be attending this 2011 are now completed. Speaking of party, we will be having a valentines get together and I'm thinking of party stuff that we will be needing. Me and my girlfriends are planning to have it at late night so it would be more romantic because we will be with our respective husbands. Pastel or light colors are not advisable so I thought of neon colored party supplies. I tried to search table cover, balloons and other things. I'm happy to find them and on discounted price. I will refer this to my girlfriends for their approval or send them the link for the site so they can look for more additional stuff that we need. So, spending a couple of minutes online I was able to get what I needed.

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