January 06, 2011

Car Trouble

When hubby got home yesterday, he complained about the wabbling/shaking of the car and the check engine light was on, I forgot the exact terms that he used. Anyways, it is a must that all driven vehicles should be functioning properly. We are dependent on this single car in going to & from work. He referred to the owner's manual to get some information on what the cause of the problem and hoping that it's just minor thing that he himself could do the repair. He hadn't tell me the status of the problem based on his own diagnosis but it seemed serious that he needed to stay up late browsing the internet for auto repair & maintenance estimates. Then he recall that his friend who lives in Cali mentioned about having problem with his vehicle about check-engine-light so he phoned him and he referred my hubby on this site http://repairpal.com/. He narrated his experience with the repair of his vehicle Ford F-150. He said that he supplied the Year, Make & Model of his vehicle then he was able to see ratings & reviews as well problems reported for Ford F-150 specifically the check engine light . From the site you could get repair service estimate, find the nearest shop in your area, ask the experts and be able to keep all your repair records in one place which is safe & secure. So he went to the Repairpal Directory tab within the site and found list of San Diego Auto Repair Shops and Mechanics. He was able to chose one from the list and from the outcome, he's happy and satisfied.

Hearing this from a trusted friend, hubby browsed the internet & used this site http://repairpal.com/ to find similar problems reported & to check on the reviews/ratings of our vehicle. Viola! Hubby was able to find the nearest auto shop & have already an estimated repair cost. So, he needed to wake up early today (dayoff) than what he's used to. He woke me up from my son's room because I fall asleep there and bid goodbye at 6 am. He needed to be early because he doesn't have prior appointment and to avoid traffic since the auto shop is located near the airport. My hubby is a worrier, he stresses himself too much even it's a small stuff, but I hope this problem wouldn't cost him much financially & stress-wise. I'm sure it will be a good news when he comes home. Furthermore, I found the above site in Facebook too, http://www.facebook.com/RepairPal

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