January 19, 2011

Chat with a 10 year old boy

I got the chance to chat with a 10 year old boy and guess what's the topic? relationship which led to hip-hop music. It's nice to listen to young children about their thoughts and perceptions. I was preparing borrowed DVDs for return and he saw Vince Vaughn's 'Couples Retreat'.
Him: Oh, I like Vince Vaughn
Me : Really?
Him: Is Vince Vaughn married?
Me : Yup!
Him: Is this his wife (pointing to the picture of the leading lady)
Me : Nope,
Him: Is she prettier than this (pointing to the picture of the other leading lady)
Me: I think so, she's white but with dark hair
Him: Asian?
Me : Nope
Him : She looks like iCarly?
Me : Mmmm, Yes
Him: Does iCarly has a boyfriend?
Me : I don't know, Maybe none, because she's still young
Him: How old is iCarly?
Me : (Guessing), 16?
Him : Why she can't have boyfriend, she's 16?
Me : Girls could have boyfriend when they're 18 (mostly applied in my Filipino culture), why you're asking? (I got a smile) Do you like her? You're too young to think of that.
Him : Why Justin Beiber had lots of girlfriends he's just 16?
Me: (changing the topic) Do you like Justin Bieber? or just his songs?
Him : No, I like Usher and Ludacris
Me : Me too, (though I don't know who Ludacris was, until he joined Justin Bieber's video)
Him : (amazed that an oldie like me, would know Usher & Ludacris) Really?
Me : Yup, what are your fav songs?
Him : I like songs of Tupac and Snoop Dogg
Me : Oh, I don't like them, their songs have lots of curse and bad words
Him : I just like the songs without the curse, you know them too?
Me : Yup (bragging, 'coz I heard some of their songs before)
Him: I like Notorious Big too!
Me : Huh? Who's that? Can you sing his song? (I got curious and invited him to view in Youtube)
Him : (Dictating the spelling of Notorious Big 'coz I'm typing it on the search box).
Me : Ah ok, (after seeing the guy & listened to his stuff).
Him : Do you like it? Nope, I like  Lady Gaga's song ? Do you like her songs?
Him : No, I like Rihanna and Beyonce
Me : Beyonce?
Him : Jay-Z's wife
Me : (suprised 'coz he knows that Beyonce & Jay-Z are couple)
Him : Can Justin Bieber have Rihanna as girlfriend?
Me : (suprised again, why he knew that these two were hot items) No, Rihanna is too old for Justin.
Him : Who is the boyfriend of Rihanna?
Me : Chris Brown (outdated)
Him : Who's he? Is he handsome?
Me : You don't know him? How about Black Eyed Peas? Do you like them?
Him : No, (end of conversation, parents came)

When my inlaws visited Philippines, they noticed that songs being played over the radios were mostly western songs. They asked me, 'why most of the songs are western and in english?. They expect that songs in the Philippines would be more locals/native because that's what they heard in Japan (when they had the stop over) and in Chinese Restaurants, they play their own music. They also noticed the way Filipinos particularly Filipinas dress up, they were shocked to see Filipinas in skimpy short attending mass in Greenbelt. I explained that western culture has a huge influence on Filipinos in terms of music, fashion & technology. So, speaking of western influence in terms of music, Filipinos love the hip-hop songs. I think the beat of the songs is the 'come on' of hip-hop that's why younger kids love it proven by the 10 year old that I have spoken with. But girls of his age would love Jonas the Brothers, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. When they're on their late teens, some of them might be Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kate Perry fan. I don't know, even my 12,10 & 8 years old nieces, I noticed their fav songs are the hip-hop ones. They like the beat, they tend to cause you to dance. I haven't met yet kids on their age who likes American Idol's songs, maybe the country type music for those kids who grew up in coutry sides. Anyways, I have this one fav song, Billionaire and whoever sings it, it makes you groove!

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