January 10, 2011

Childcare services in Movie Theaters

How about that idea? It's very hard to find a babysitter whether a relative or babysitting services without prior/early arrangements. Couples/parents seldom have time together because of work and taking care of their kids. Their Dad-Mom-time is confined within the bedroom conversing about bills, chores, kids and work-related stuff. So with the above, if mom and dad want to see a movie in theater, they can drop their kids to the childcare service inside the movie theater and later pick them up after the movie. Nice, isn't it? Like, Cardinal Fitness Gym, they have a babysitting service. You can do all your gym exercises without your kids bothering you. You have peace of mind because they are just within the building or maybe next door. I hope some movie theater owner could think of this idea, for sure they will have more customer traffic and sales. Speaking of movies, whenever hubby and I have time to watch a movie we'll spend time in deciding what to watch (prior leaving the house). Hubby prefers movie based on true story and doesn't want those "feel good " movies which I really like. The movies that we want to watch are the following : True Grit and The King's Speech (hubby prefers) Black Swan and Little Fockers (mine). Let's wait and see what movie will win our $20. The last movie that we watched was Valkyrie, 'coz it's based on true story (what he prefers) and the lead star is Tom Cruise who's the reason why I agreed instead of Marley and Me. Well, I ended liking the movie.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree! It's impossible to see movies anymore. I wish so badly that movie theaters would have childcare.