November 20, 2012

Clothesline vs. Dryer

In my country, most of the people hangs their clothes on the line and those who can afford to have a dryer, just use it when it's raining. It saves on energy costs,  smells  fresh  (except if your location is on a busy streets full of motorist) and extends the lifespan of clothes. But, here in the land of Uncle Sam, drying out is prohibited in most states because it's hurting the real estate business. They're claiming that it's so hard to sell properties if the sorrounding neighborhoods looks uninviting. It's kinda odd for some people here to say that they support 'Go Green' cause but oppose clotheslining. It's not right for anyone to judge or categorize people as poor based on practicing frugality like drying out their clothes. I still dry out my floor mats/rugs and the rest via our dryer. This is really an issue of class because some people against clotheslining perceive it as for poor people for they can't afford to buy a dryer of pay electric bills. Well, this is another thing that I'm caught in between two cultures. I grew up having and using clotheslines and now that I moved here where some values (being frugal and saving energy to help the environment) are tend to be ignored because of marketing strategies and for real estate business to grow.

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