October 20, 2012

Coffee Monster

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It's fall season the more I crave for a cup of coffee, I must admit that I'm a coffeeholic. I started drinking coffee when I was in gradeschool because I used to prepare instant coffee for my grandfather who's living with us then. He's a coffee monster. He drinks coffee N times a day. So whenever I prepared one for him, I take a sip to check if taste ok after adding sugar and cream. Therego, my cravings for coffee started. I drink coffee in the morning, lunch, snack in the afternoon, dinner and before going to bed. But it became an additction when I refused to drink water anymore. Everytime I got thirsty then, I prepare instant coffee. I hang out either in Mister Donut, Mcdonalds, Dunkin Donuts until Starbucks was introduced in the Philippines. I tried all coffee shops, one of my fav is Figaro. After office, whether I was with my friends or not, I used to hang out for a while in any coffee shop. Then when I moved here in USA, it somehow changed from addiction to moderation because hubby is not a coffee lover. He drinks coffee but not part of any meal like breakfast or snack and it's very seldom. He said that too much caffeine is not good for me. Ok, I listened to him, I just have coffee 3 times a day (lol). When I got pregnant, I was compelled to quit. After giving birth, I tried to have one small cup/day, because I was breastfeeding my son. I don’t want that he’s getting coffee instead of milk, lol! Anyways, I couldn’t resist whenever I see the coffee maker. I tried to brew one cup so I wouldn’t be tempted to drink more if there’s leftover. It didn't work/effective for me, then I thought of buying instant coffee on a sachet so I could control the strongness. I use one sachet for two (2) cups of water. I will drink the first cup as soon as I wake up, then the other around 10am. I don’t know, I’m really not used with drinking water. So how about having a decaf coffee instead of the regular one? I was told by my hubby about the decaf stuff and I don't believe it at first but when I did my own research, I found this:  http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/236884/coffee-regular-vs-decaf . I don't need to shift to decaf, just need to kick the coffee habit and stick with drinking water. While doing this post, I have with me my huge mug of coffee.

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