January 21, 2011

Copy and Paste Ideas

I have the spirit in me now, (lol!) because I am so motivated to write a post. I read from a blog site that they prohibit post that were just copied and pasted. It's so easy to check if the ideas were copied from other source, that's the power of googling and bing (nice?). Just extract some part of the post or the title itself and start the search, you will find exact matches but when it differs from how it was written, it's only because the topic is very common and timely. Where am I getting here? I just want to say that whatever I posted in here are based on my experience, my thoughts, opinions and insights of whatever topics that are trending/buzzing nowadays that for being a sahmy, I have the luxury of time to write about them. Ohmy! if I could just write using my native language for all the posts in here, it will be so much fun. It's hard to translate and put into writing in English what I want to say in our native language. I thank the one who introduced 'blogging' it's a learning experience, it helps you to express yourself and discover things in you that you are capable of doing and improves your grammar/vocabulary. With this, I got curious who invented the word 'blog' and how blogs started, that would be a nice topic next time.

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