January 24, 2011

CUTLER: Injured or Coward?

I support the Bears as a team but if I'm going to choose who I think is the heart of the team, it's Urlacher. He always work so hard and you will see him talking to his defense guys, motivating them and never lose hope up to the last minute of every game. With due respect to that injury that Cutler claimed, but instead of pity I have doubts. His actions speak louder than what he claimed that he's suffering from knee injury. He isolated himself and seems not working or reaching with his team. When Hester failed twice to catch his pass, he's so frustrated and I never seen him like saying it's ok, we can do this again. He somehow regards himself too high. When Collins and Hanie took over, you never see him giving some pat in the back or just be near them, he stood away from them. Then when Hanie passed a TD, he was there standing since then away from his teammates. It's like saying, if you lose, it's because of you guys and I don't want to involve myself there, saving himself from humiliation.I expected when one is limping, he can't stand that much longer but it was when the game was over, he's limping. If the injury is that serious, he should stay in the locker room and not there on the bench. C'mon this is one step to Super Bowl and you are dealing with your number one rival, and there's no more next time, why not give it all! Yeah, I was not the one who had knee injury, that's why I say these things. But for me, I felt that he saved himself, that's cowardness. Hats Off to Hanie and to the defense team for working so hard to stop Packers but the Offense didn't do much and to Cutler, take a rest!

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