January 10, 2011

Ghost writer

My gayfriend can't believe that I was the one writing these posts. I don't know why he's so suprise about this. I can't stop laughing reading his message, accusing me of having a ghost writer. He's thinking that hubby was the one writing this post. Oh please, he can speak English better than me, but in writing, it's a no-no. It will be big deal if he could write more than two sentences in greeting cards or whatever medium expressing his thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, he wouldn't use some of the terms I wrote in here. These are plain/basic english and to those who's good in communication would notice grammatical errors. Well, that's part of enjoying reading my post, you are enticed to check/notice errors. I am better in writing than speaking English because of my accent. I have a very hard/rough diction which I hear in others. So, I know the feeling of listening to one, thus I get conscious. I always multi-task, while doing chores like cooking or laundry, I put into writing my current thoughts. Before the Blogmania started, I used to maintan a diary. I remember those diaries that I used were the yearly planner/diary given by my dad's employer until he retired, I shifted to the generics of National Bookstore. That's why I want to go back working again because I want my brain to exercise (lol!) but I need to wait until my son goes to school. I don't have a ghost writer, maybe when you see my handwritting it's like ruined by a Goose.

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