January 20, 2011

Going Back To School, is it too late?

Is is too late for me to go back to school? I don't think so, right? There's shouldn't be any hindrance to pursue education. As our famous national hero in the Philippines said, 'Poverty is not a hindrance to get an education', as well as age, status and race. After being a full time stay-at-home mom for a year now, I thought of going back to school. My toddler is going to school soon so I'll be having some time to do things that I want and focus on being more productive. I anticipate that I will be increasingly bored though I got this blogging that makes me busy and helps my brain to function. But, at the same time I am thinking of my son's future. It's not applicable to couples here in USA to have only one source of income, so I need to help my husband so that our son could have better or the same life we have. Things would be more difficult in the future, so it needs planning and savings for our son's future. After having a bachelor degree in the field of Computer, worked for more than a decade, I thought of pursuing a course in the field of healthcare. For me, it's more stable and it deals directly with people's well being. Seldom you find a job that you like, you're well compensated and the same time, able to help to take care of sick people, inspire and motivate them. I know those people who know the real me wouldn't believe that I will be taking a course that includes drawing blood, wrapping dead body, going to morgue and sighting with my two eyes a dying person. I don't have the guts and courage to do these things and I am very emotional and scared to hurt people even through small things like drawing blood. Yeah, I know, how can I pursue a healthcare course without dealing with these stuff? I want to shift into areas of healthcare that help patients by supplying their medical needs and how to process documents to claim payments for their medical expenses. So, Pharmacy and Medical Billing/Coding are the two areas that I am contemplating. Time passes by so fast, it's almost end of January, 11 months to go and another year is over. I hope my plans wouldn't get stucked as plans, I want execution to happen the soonest though it could have some revisions.I hope I could balance being a mom, wife, student and part-time employee. My mother in law returned to school when she's this age of mine now. She graduated with BSN and masters degrees. Such an inspiration! Also, I have a friend who's currently taking a Nursing course, who has 2 boys but still manage to juggle her time from being a wife, mom, student and others. Cheers to all moms who find ways and time to go back to school!

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Anonymous said...

yup.... it's never too late =)