January 29, 2011

Gossip Magazines

I'm fascinated with celebrities both local (from my country) and international (USA included) but I never bought or subscribed with any gossip magazines. I'm just glued with the weekend showbiz-oriented show and that's how I got updated with the local celebrities. Through internet, I get the latest with the international stars. What's in those magazines? You will be lured to grab one because most of their front page headlines are controversial, intriguing and fresh-in-depth-exclusive stories whether fact or fiction regarding the celebrities. You enjoy plenty of pictures of the stars you adore and see what's 'in' with regards to fashion. When I got here in USA, I began to receive discounted subscription applications for these gossip magazines. I thought it's just a waste of money because when you turned on your tv, you will be updated through the morning show, news program and with the celebrity-oriented shows like Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, Insider, TMZ and many more about what's buzzing in the entertainment industry. Last week when I visited my friend, I found lots of gossip magazines on her living room, so I grabbed some and just go over them quickly, enjoying most of the photos of my favorite stars. When she found me browsing the magazines, she told me that she's going to give them all to me because she's done with them. I declined and tell her, I don't have time to read them. She said, "just browse their photos, see how good looking they are and their fashion, just bring them all to your house, I insist". Thus, I ended up having close to 20 copies of US Weekly magazines. When hubby got home, he was soo suprised to see the pile of gossip magazines on the dining table. Since when you subscribed to Gossip Magazines, he asked. I told him, I would rather subscribe to children's book club than to spend our money for that. It's from Ann, I added. After I put our son to bed, I saw my dear hubby gazing on each pages of the magazine. I pat him on the back and said 'Don't be shy, there are more to read, just share what you've known'.(lol)

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