January 01, 2011

How's your 1-1-11?

I spoke with a friend this morning and we talked about what we did for the past 2 days (31st & 1st) and unfortunately the start of the 2011 was not a good one for her. Just after the 12 midnight of 31st, she had a misunderstanding with her husband for a very shallow reason 'after-party chores'. One wants to get rid off the clutter the soonest, while the other wants it to be later when they woke up. Ohmy! they exchange F & A words and old issues were brought back which added more flame. I know she wouldn't mind disclosing her experience (with my fingers crossed) 'coz her identity wouldn't be disclosed & it's nice to share things like this because it helps us to realize our actions in such situation. Anyways, my two cents advise to her was, treat that nothing happens and don't discuss it anymore because the ugly situation was only triggered by tiredness & urge to go to bed the soonest. She knows that I will put some humor on this, and herego I'm thinking.....
Ok, we have lots of beliefs based on ('sabi ng mga matatanda') & some borrowed from other countries (fengshui), etc. I used to wear polkadots or green or red clothes on new year's eve as they symbolize money (funny thing is wearing green to refer to money 'dollar' not my hometown's largest currency). I have lots of coins & my mom lent me some of huge bills and always warns me not to lose them in my pocket. Windows, doors were opened in the belief of welcoming all the blessings to come in. No chicken dish because it represents hardship. Should jump to make you inch/es taller. I know there's long list of this, but let's think of something that will avoid fights between couples.
How about these:
1. Avoid preparing meals together, have someone to assist you except your partner, (ito yung panakot) otherwise you will be having disagreements/fights. {explanation; so whoever cooks, should be the one to wash the dishes}

2. Invited parents should stay & sleep over as a sign of strong family ties, (panakot again) otherwise it will create disagreements/fights between couples {explanation; so there will be some oldies in the house that reminds the couple of the word respect}

I used to follow all those beliefs before but lately I realized things are not controlled by these man-made beliefs. There's only one who allows things to happen for a reason, might not be clear to you but in his time, you will realize its purpose. Let GOD be the center of our lives and nothing will be wrong. Yeah, it's easy for me to say but in reality it's so hard but we & my other friend realized that there's always the brighter side of an ugly/bad situation, try to look for it to let you somehow feel that there's hope and things like this shall pass.

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