January 14, 2011

Indulging on Cook Books

Yesterday, I dropped by in our library without my little boy which gave me more time to check on books. I got the above books and so far the interesting one is 'the Eat this Not that'. I was shocked with the amount of calories those food that I love to eat and the ones that I THOUGHT healthy ones. A shocking one was the Baskin Robbins Large Chocolate Oreo Shake which hubby and I loved to drink especially when we're going to have a long drive. We just drop in any Dunkin Donuts drive thru and order two of these. Ohmy, it's 2,600 calories more than the rough average of what people eat in a DAY. We don't even consider it part of our meals in a day, it's not even a snack meal. As what the author of the book said 'who would have thought the worst food in America, land of a million calorie bombs, could be sucked through a straw'. I love having breakfast in Mcdonalds and their deluxe breakfast (pancake, sausage, biscuits, hash brown, egg) which is named as worst fast-food breakfast, 1,700cal. So I rather go back to my old fav, egg mcmuffin and coffee, considered as the best drive-thru breakfast which is just a 300cal.

According to this book, Hall of Fame - Best Foods in America by category are as follows:

Best Appetizer - Outback's Seared Ahi Tuna (small) - 360cal
Best Breakfast - Mcdonald's Egg McMuffin - 300cal
Best Steak - Ruby Tuesday's Peppercorn Mushroom Sirloin w/GrnBeans-468cal
Best Fish Entree - Uno Chicago Grill - Grilled Mahi Mahi - 240cal
Best Burger - Wendy's 1/4-Pound Single - 430cal
Best Sandwich - Subway's 6" Double Roast Beef - 360cal
Best Dessert - Breyers All Natural Vanilla & Choc Icecream(1/2cup)-130cal

This is such an interesting book, if you want to buy, it costs $24.99 or just drop by in your library and have this. In addition, they have interesting categories like best/worst foods for your blood pressure, best foods you've never heard of and many more.

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