January 06, 2011

Kids wanna have fun

Winter Blues can't be avoided for most adults. They are bitter about snow and I''m one of those people because I'm from the Philippines. I recall my first experience of winter snow, it was like a magical thing seeing tiny flakes flowing in the sky. I equate winter as snow + cold + boredom. You will be stucked at home because you hate shovelling, scraping off your windshield and driving, Most especially if its weekend and your off from work, you wanted to go out but inches of snow are there, you ended up so upset. But for kids, they just wanna have fun so you can't keep them all day inside the house when there's no school. They need to have fun whatever the season is, so, one of my mommish (friends who are mom) initiated to bring the kids into an indoor fun game place. We were joined force towing our kids, bitter cold outside but warm and excitement inside. But come to think of it, winter is given to us as a time to rest, save our energy, read books or take a nap and spend quality time with our family.

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