January 21, 2011

Losing Weight

I used to weigh 100 - 115lbs. when I was in the Philippines and then when I moved here, it's been magical (lol!) I woke up with unbelievable weight, can you believe that? After I gave birth, those pregnancy weight gain stayed with me for years. I have this weighing scale in the kitchen, beside our refrigerator. It's a strategy for me to be conscious of what I'm getting from the refrigerator because as soon as I closed the door, I would see the scale. Sometimes it works, most of the time, it doesn't (lol). Anyways, it's so hard to lose weight having the types of food available here, instant / microwavable ready and too much calories. That's my alibi for still having this weight (some are still baby fats, hahaha) so I'm thinking of trying diet pills, will it work for me? I will let you know in the future.

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