January 05, 2011

My short story - A tale of young boy under the tree

As I was cleaning the bookshelves, I found this paper with my handwritting. It's a short story or whatever you can call it that I wrote when I was watching my son plays in the park. This is not impressive compared to the real short stories, in terms of how they were written & the story itself. But, having my son as the main character of the short story is something that I will cherish forever because it only shows how my son changed my outlook in life that I was so inspired by him to write this. Herego, the title of the story is 'A tale of young boy under the tree' (he loves to go around the tree multiple times). He loves to run and just explore things around him, wondering if those leaves from the tree can touch him. Running all over the grass and somehow experimenting what will happen if he kept on stepping on a portion of it. Playing with his shadow caused by the sun rays. Doesn't care with the kids around him. He looks up into the sky, would submit his cheek to feel the breeziness, seemed like he could touch the wind. Would vary his steps from walking to hopping, looking up and imagining he could come close to the sky. Am I ready for something that his imagination could have created? A few minutes spent watching this little boy with his huge imagination was priceless. How I wish that life would only be what he perceived now. I hope to see this little boy grow up into a man and still going around the tree of life patiently. This is the actual short story that I wrote on that day, I didn't edit them, so sorry for the grammar.

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