October 11, 2012

Outgrown Baby Clothes

I didn't buy many clothes before I gave birth to my son because I anticipated that there will be lots of them on baby shower. There are lots of clothes that I love to buy for my son then, but I realized that he'll outgrow them very fast. My son got his cousin's outgrown baby clothes and they are still good and some were still unused. Most of them are branded ones that I would only buy for special occasions. I would be so greedy if I am going to ask my sister in law to give me the rest of my nephew's outgrown clothes because she has also some other plans for them like donating, sell them on garage sale and give some to her girlfriends. Don't get me wrong here, I don't depend on others' outgrown clothes solely because I still do buy for my son. Yesterday my hubby brought a bag of outgrown clothes (see the photo, love the shirt most, hehehe) given by his friend. How fortunate we are to have generous people around us. His friend could have selll or donate them, instead gave it to us. With regards to my son's outgrown clothes, I sent some of them to the Philippines to be given to my relatives and friends. Babies outgrow their clothes so fast that sometimes they only wear it one time so if you want to get rid of them, open your options and don't just toss them anywhere.

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